Bucharest Summit

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Are you an individual affiliate , network or an agency, working in the entertainment industry?

Bucharest Summit prides itself as being the hub of business conferences in Romania, as Bucharest itself, is one of the industry’s leading hotspots of Europe today.

The summit brings together all players in the entertainment industry as well as mainstream products, billing and service providers, suppliers, and marketers, affiliates and webmasters, covering all the areas of business.

During our first 3 editions (2017-2019), Bucharest Summit has established a name as being the Business Summit, being a platform for experienced speakers to share knowledge, giving its participants the opportunity to expand their potential, improve their knowledge and do great networking.

Business is all about connections, whether you are an affiliate, a marketer, a salesperson or a CEO.

Bucharest Summit is more than a social event, we are also focused on sharing the newest information, the fresh trends, finding solutions to the latest issues, all for helping you growing in your career or increasing your business.

The best speakers in the industry will reveal their secrets and will provide the tips that you need to move forward in the business.

For making Bucharest Summit a complete tour of knowledge we had the best companies presenting their products and the trends in this industry. You can find directly from the top management what is new on business also you can interact and tell them what are your issues and questions; the interest is on both sides to find the solutions.

If is something that you don’t have to skip on a Bucharest visit, that is the night life. Some of the top clubs in Europe will be hosting the three mind-blowing parties. Special guests, champagne, dancers, open bar all night and great music are the ingredients of our every day party.

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